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Some References und Personal Feedback

Managers and/or teams from the following companies and institutions, among others, that have taken part in G&K HorseDream seminars:

AdiSoft AG, AIB AG, Allianz Versicherungen, AMB Generali Services GmbH, AOL Deutschland, Apothekerkammer Hamburg, Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG, BayWa AG, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cable & Wireless, Cona Public Relations, Deutsche Bank Bausparkasse, DWS, EnBW Akademie, Ernst & Young, Esso Deutschland GmbH, Federal-Mogul Deva GmbH, FIDUCIA IT AG, helag-electronic GmbH, Hewlett-Packard, IBE Management Training, KarstadtQuelle AG, Bernard Krone GmbH, Lomber Consulting Ltd., Manss Fruchtimport KG, Markant Handels- und Service GmbH, McDonald's, Medice, McKinsey, Mercedes-Benz Hellas S.A., Merck, MHH solartechnik, Milacron, Mindjet GmbH, Nordsee, Netz Werk GmbH, Orphan Europe (Deutschland), PartyLite GmbH, Paulinenpflege Winnenden, PeopleSoft, PPM Professionelles Personalmanagement AG, Premiere, Privatärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Karlsruhe, Privat-brauerei Höpfner, Rego-Fix AG, R+V Lebensversicherung, SLK Kliniken Heilbronn, Siemens, Sommer Gruppe, Spitalzentrum Biel AG, Toshiba, Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln, Stadtwerke Hannover, Südsalz GmbH, TaunusSparkasse, T-Online, Team GmbH, TeleCash, TUNAP Deutschland, UBS, Valorec AG, vodafone, Worldwide Brands Inc., Würth Elektronik, ZDF.

Evaluations of HorseDream seminars/workshops anonymously carried out by seminarportal.de, over two year period:

Technical Competence 1,2
Presentation 1,2
Practical usefulness 1,3
Organisation 1,1
Seminar Material 1,5
Expectations fulfilled? 1,2
Average 1,3

Personal Feedback from HorseDream Seminars (translated)

"In hindsight, I would have been happy to have the goal-oriented support of this realization and method at the beginning of my career as a leader." (S.K., Kirchheim bei München)

"An 'eye-opening' and spiritual experience that keeps visiting me. Many thanks for the unique experiences. The unseen becomes visible, premonitions are confirmed. Great praises, especially, for your dignified and respectful interaction with the humans and animals!" (N.P., Görschen)

"The impressions of the day with you accompany me - and much of what happened that day really keeps me thinking about my leadership style and interpersonal communication in as a whole. Please convey my gratitude to Benny and Co. for the most inspiring encounter with you." (C.S., Hamburg)

"I am impressed with the high intensity level of contents and the warm atmosphere of the seminar." (S.G.M., Kassel)

"I am not only thanking you, but also the trainers Benny, Benetton, Lüttje and bosses. As I experienced it, they are the most intuitive 'horse trainers' I have ever met. Their honesty is compelling and they make us look at ourselves in a way we would usually avoid out of fear of seeing something we might not like. As was said at the end of the seminar: for me these days were a confirmation of my way to lead people. And it was very important for me to experience that." (R.K., Zürich)

"Your seminar has impressed me as a trainer colleague, horse instructor and also as participant. This concept will surely be copied. Every new idea that is of real quality will first be belittled, then fought and, in the end, copied. It seems you have arrived. Good that nobody can copy you. The seminar benefits primarily from the two- and four-legged trainer personalities, from the experiences, values and especially the respectful attitude towards human and horse - towards life." (B.R., Naumburg)

"You have surpassed all expectations. Even during my everyday activities I am revisiting some of the situations with the '4 trainers'. All four of them did a great job. I wish you many more enthusiastic participants for the future." (U.M., Karlsruhe)

"Especially in hindsight I realized that I see different things from a completely new perspective, feel power and courage where there was insecurity before. The enjoyment of switching of my brain for once and leave all duties, pressure and, above all, performance thinking behind me was simply great." (I.Z., Düsseldorf)

"I, for my part, have taken from the seminar realizations, namely that I have to be more careful with my level of intensity and also that I have to express myself clearer as to what I want." (A.N., Solingen)

"I still like to think back to this beautiful day. It really helped me reflect on my job. And one thing that I am significantly better at and do with greater ease is praising others. I simply do it." (G.G., Deutsch Evern)

"I had great fun participating in the HorseDream seminar. At the same time, I am convinced that this was a meaningful investment for me, because I gained valuable insights regarding both my work with horses and with humans." (D.B., Wien)"

Feedback from Team Trainings (in German)

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