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December 2011

Article about equine-guided education.


August 2013


Article about equine-guided education.

Competence SITE
May 2007
Interview with Gerhard Krebs discussing the topic
"Leading with Horses 

Competence Site: You were the pioneer of management training with horses in Germany. What was your experience at the time? Were you ridiculed a lot? Who were the first participants? How did things get started?

Gerhard Krebs: Ridiculed, yes, from two sides: The typical horse scene at the time and the seminar professionals. One side said "you can't treat horses like that  and the other side felt that "this is useless . We did not really care. What mattered was that the participants were enthusiastic.

Competence Site: Today, many services copy your concepts. How do you see this development?

Gerhard Krebs: Absolutely positive! As long as the seminar market regarded us as weird the demand never got into full swing. The first years were very tough. The last three to four years have been really good. But we also see another aspect. Everybody who offers horse-assisted leadership seminars really moves something in the heads - and especially the hearts of the participants. This creates the potential for real change in leadership positions.

Competence Site: In your opinion, why are horses so well suited for being management trainers?

Gerhard Krebs: Because they are absolute authentic and have complete integrity. Because they see trust as the basis for communication. Because they are incredibly cooperative. Because they give you another chance every time. And because they are able to simply let you stand there, if you approach them without respect and any sign of humility.

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